Getting E-books on your computer, Tablet or Smart Phone

1. From the computer you will navigate           your browser to https://molib2go.overdrive.com/

2. In the upper right hand corner you will click the words "sign in."

3. You will then begin typing in the name of your library. (We are, of course,

Bonne Terre Memorial Library.) If it pops up below the box simply click on

it to select it.

4. Once you have selected your library, another page will load asking for your

library card number and pin. Your library card number can be found on

your library card near your name and barcode.

5. The pin is your last name with the 1st letter capitalized.

6. Once logged in, simply browse around.

7. You may choose up to 5 selections but keep in mind your selections expire

after 2 weeks and will disappear from your device.

8. Once you click on a selection you will either see "Borrow" or "Place a Hold".

9. "Place a hold" means it is already checked out to someone else but you can

reserve it. You will get the option to enter an email address where you can

be notified when the e-book becomes available in your name.

10. "Borrow" means the book is available and can be downloaded to your

device for 2 weeks. Many patrons find it easier to log in on the computer, make their selections and then sign into Overdrive or molib2go on their

device to access and read or listen to their selections there.

11. To view your list of selections go to your "bookshelf” and a list of the titles

you have selected will be visible. I found it difficult to read the e-books from my computer because an e-book reader program is required to do so and most PCs do not come with one, but navigating the page on the

computer may feel more familiar than browsing on your device.

12. From the device you will navigate its browser to https://molib2go.overdrive.com/ and

follow the same steps above or go to your app market and download the "Overdrive" Media app. When it is finished downloading follow the steps it requires to create an account then select your library and follow the steps above.

13. As always, if you have trouble call us at 573-358-2260 and ask a Librarian for help.

5 SW Main St 

Bonne Terre, MO 63628